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Success is often determined by the support, interest and enthusiasm of our predecessors. We thank those who have gone before us for their legacy and for setting the bar high for those who follow.

Timberlane Wrestling Team 2001-2002
Our Young Athletes

Wrestling Alumni Booster

As supporters of the Timberlane Wrestling Program we are very proud of all of our wrestlers who work hard for the team and whose contributions make the program a success.  These young athletes need the support of the alumni.  Wrestling equipment, mats, vans, traveling expenses, tournaments, scholarship funds and uniforms, are necessary to maintain a strong and growing program. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to give YOU the opportunity to become a "Alumni Wrestling Booster". 
* Help organize a Wrestling Reunion
* Help keep in touch with old teamates, develop a data base
* Help raise money for new equiptment
* Advertize in our yearbook
* Help with trivia, and old news stories for newsletter
You can make a difference in the future of today's wrestlers and the success of the Timberlane Wrestling program.

Timberlane Wrestling 1993
State Champions

Strength, Honor, and Pride = Timberlane Wrestling