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ALUMNI   and Friends of  Timberlane Wrestling NEEDED

Who Can Join?

We invite alumni, parents, and friends of Timberlane Wrestling. Those of you who enjoy the sport of Wrestling and want to make a difference in the future of the program

Benefits of Wrestling Alumni

Get in touch with your old Timberlane buddies. Enjoy the excitement that is Timberlane Wrestling and help the program grow.

How Can You Join?

You can join the Alumni Back Point Membership in several different ways.  The Back Points Form outlines the different options.

After you become a member you will receive a Timberlane Wrestling E-News letter detailing the Teams Progress throughout the year.   The 2002-2003 Wrestling Year Book will be mailed to you with all the current stats on the team as well as information going back to the Cape Ann League.  Your name will be added to the year book in a special "Alumni Back Points" section.   Timberlane Wrestling sweatshirts and t-shirts come with some of the membership options.

As a member you can contribute to this web site by sharing pictures, stories and forwarding this site to some of your old Timberlane Wrestling Buddies.

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Timberlane Wrestling 1972
Here comes the Owls !!!