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Working on it.... New pictures UNH wrestling......  New trivia..... Comming soon.....

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Brett, Ryan, David & Mike

What's new with the old guys ?
There were alot of Timberlane Alumni at the recent MOC.  Some were coaching other teams !  Todd Lavalle is coaching Goffstown and Jeremy Iverson is coaching Manchester Central.  
Anthony Paoletta is at WPI wrestling and doing quite well....

Trivia Answers:

Who was the Timberlane Coach who coached the Wrestling team in 1975 and took the team to the New Englands?  Where were the New Englands held ? 

Ans: Bob Choolijian Sr,  the event took place in Keen NH. Teachers were on Strike.


Who is the only wrestler in Timberlane history to: win an individual state title, while captaining his team to a state title and then go on to have one of his own wrestlers win a NH state title while coaching at another school?

Answer:  Wes Decker, State Champ '85 and 87,  Led Timberlane to State Title as captain in 87,  Coached Pinkerton Academy's Nick Andrus to 135 lb. State Title in 1997


In what year(s) did Timberelane have Tri-Captains?

Ans :

1984-85  Chris Decker, Jim Mackie, Ray Gourdeau

1987-88  Dan Donovan, Jay Cadorette, Gerald Cannon

1988-89  Phil Gulizarian,  Matt Lobsien , Brian Bloom.

 1993-1994 Matt Marino, Todd Lavalle, Chuck Frater

 2000-2001  Mike Dermody, Lys Wilson, Ryan Holder

1999-2000  Michael Woodworth, Eric Bradley and Anthony Paoletta




Who was the 215 who had to padlock his cooler so the other wrestler would not steal all his food?


Who was the Timberlane Wrestler whos nick name was Cheesy ?


Who was the Wrestling coach who swung from the rafters in the gym during spirit week ?


Who was the Wrestling coach who coached his

son to a Timberlane New Hamphire Championship and to 1st place in the Class L ?

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