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April News Letter


April News Letter
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Last official news of the season.  But.. Alumni information to follow.

April News /Banquet Dish

Award Presentation
Dr. Jason Holder, and sons Ryan & Jay presentation to Barry Chooljian

Timberlane Wrestling ended the season with a dual meet record of 13-4-1 and a 4-year dual record of 69-6-1.  Timberlane is the 2003 New Hampshire Class L State Champion and the Timberlane Invitational Champion.


The Wrestling Banquet was held on March 30 at DiBurros.  Over 125 wrestlers, family and fans attended.  Several alumni were at the banquet: Tom Johnson, Chris Sullivan, Fred Sullivan, Shawn Donovan, Barry Chooljian, Matt Marino, Jason Bretton, Chuck Frater, Jay Holder, and Ryan Holder, some of which are still wrestling, coaching and involved with Timberlane Wrestling.


Rose Chooljian was presented an award by the New Hampshire Wrestling Officials Association For Outstanding Officiating from the Stands.  She holds the record for 99% accuracy of all calls from the bleachers over a 28-year period of time.  Knowledge, enthusiasm, and devotion to the sport of wrestling make Rose Chooljian our most widely respected and loved fan.  Her notoriety is statewide and we are proud to have her cheering for our wrestlers.


The Boosters Organization recognized Barry Chooljian and Don Woodworth with Commerative Awards.  Dr. Jason Holder and his sons Ryan and Jay presented the special awards.  The crystal awards were given for dedication to coaching Timberlane Wrestling; Barry for 20 years and to Don for 23 years.  Their ability to teach techniques, nurture talent, and help build the character of these young men is a testimony to the success of the past program and the promise for tomorrows.  Timberlane Wrestling earns the highest respect in the State of New Hampshire and through out New England.         

From all the parents and wrestlers we would like express our special thanks and appreciation to Barry Chooljian and Don Woodworth.  We would definitely like to renew their coaching contracts for another 20 plus years.




Jay Holder (TRHS 1998) has qualified for the NCAA's in his conference tourney.  He beat the #2 seed and nationally ranked wrestler Rob Becker to go to the finals.  He lost in the finals against the nationally ranked 8th wrestler Jon Masa, but qualified by being a finalist.  He has admitted to reflecting on many of his experiences as a Timberlane Wrestler and his experiences in the Beast of the East Tourney when he had to deal with very tough matches and having them not always go the way he wanted.  "We all learn by toughing it out and not having it go our way all the time."  Boston University Head Coach, Carl Adams, when talking to kids at his camp, often describes Jay, for what he has accomplished, his determination and never letting any obstacle, (to which he has had many) get in his way.  Even on his last match as a collegiate wrestler, you could see he hated to leave the mat.  Jay truly is a wrestler who loves the mat



Who was the 215 who had to padlock his cooler so the other wrestler would not steal all his food?

Ans: Dan Hill 1996


Who was the Timberlane Wrestler whose nickname was Cheesy?

Ans: Chuck Frater 1994 now coaching Timberlane Middle School.


Who was the Wrestling coach who swung from the rafters in the gym during spirit week?

Ans: Jason Holder.


Who was the Wrestling coach who coached his son to a New Hampshire Championship 1st place in the Class L?

Ans: Coach Don Woodworth

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