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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.

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Timberlane Wrestling Newsletter
2002-2003 Season   NOVEMBER    VOLUME I


Timberlane begins its new season. Practice starts on November 18th . Scrimmages and meets in December.

Alumni give "back points" program is underway. Deadline to get into this years ad/yearbook is the end of December. You can help the team!

What's New with the Old Guys?

Alumni, Tom Johnson, State Champion, who wrestled for Timberlane in the early 70's is a major contributer to the program to this day by working with the boosters.

Alumni, Chris Sullivan, State Champion, wrestled for Timberlane in the 70's has been successfully running the Timberlane Middle School Program. The Middle school has produced quite a few champions and won several championships.

Alumni, Barry Chooljian, State Champion, wrestled in the 70's, and is long time Head Wrestling Coach for the Owls.

Wrestling Owls Alumni

December Schedule

Saturday 7th  HOME                                                         Scrimmage                              

Wednesday 11th   AWAY                       Pinkerton                                

Saturday 14th HOME                           Exeter/Merrimack/Exeter                                                         Tri Meet                                  

Wednesday 18th HOME                                       Nashua                                    

Saturday, Sunday 21-22 Delaware                                      The Beast of the East                 

Saturday 28th AWAY                                                       Georgetown Invitational             

Saturday  28- 29  AWAY                                                         Lowell Holiday Invitational         

Schedule subject to change, please check back often.

Trivia question of the Month.  Who was the "Kansas Crusher" & what year(s) was he state Champion ?????
Who was the Timberlane Wrestler known a "BONES"?????
answers in next newsletter

Trivia Question of the month need trivia to work!  Please e-mail me with your question and answer.

Answers to the question will be published every month and used in the 2003-04 Wrestling Yearbook for your amusement and education.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.